Yorkville’s Italian Staple: Trattoria Nervosa Restaurant Review


On a bustling Friday night in Toronto, we decided to try our luck at Trattoria Nervosa, well aware that there were about 7 people ahead of us on the waiting list, and the estimated wait time was over an hour. To our surprise, within just 20 minutes, we received a text that our table on the patio was ready – talk about efficiency and a touch of magic!

We kicked off our meal with the Caesar Salad, and it was a delightful start. The salad was incredibly fresh, boasting a light and zesty dressing that leaned more towards a vinaigrette than the usual creamy Caesar. We opted to skip the capers, and it earned a solid 8.6/10 in our books.

Next up, the Mafalde ai Funghi, a classic mushroom pasta dish that’s a fan favorite for a reason. This dish never disappoints, consistently delivering a creamy, flavorful, and utterly delicious experience. Despite its popularity, it’s hard to resist its allure, and we rated it a stellar 9/10.

Moving on to the ‘Nduja Pizza, touted as one of Trattoria Nervosa’s crowd-pleasers. While its appearance might not have wowed us, the taste was satisfying. However, having tried other pizzas on their menu, such as the Prosciutto and Arugula, which we adore, this one didn’t quite steal the spotlight. Still, the crust earned some brownie points, bringing the pizza’s overall score to a respectable 6.8/10.

As we savoured our meal, we couldn’t help but think about when we’d return. The thought of that mushroom pasta alone was enough to guarantee another visit in a few months. Trattoria Nervosa had once again proven itself as a go-to spot for Italian cuisine in Toronto, and we left with satisfied taste buds and a promise to be back soon. Until then, Nervosa, your delectable dishes will be on our minds.

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Caesar Salad from Trattoria Nervosa
Mushroom Pasta
Mafalde ai Funghi from Trattoria Nervosa
'Njuda Pizza
'Nduja Pizza from Trattoria Nervosa

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