The Newest Michelin-Star in Leslieville: Wynona


The girls took me to Wynona (located in Leslieville) on my 26th birthday! This cute Italian wine bar with a Michelin-star had some of the most unique and elaborate dishes I’ve ever had in Toronto.

Dishes in order:

• Saffron Tonnarelli: So beautiful; not my favourite but was very savoury and delicious.

• 🌟Ontario Pea Agnolotti: My favourite pasta!! Refreshing, not too rich, & the flavours perfectly balanced.

• Branzino, Brown Butter: I don’t love fish but the sauce was incredible. Wish I could have had it with scallops!

• 🌟White Lily Farm Baby Carrots, Harissa, Garlic Yogurt, Spiced cashews: The best carrots I’ve ever had! Apparently a very popular appetizer here

• 🌟Radiatori, ‘Nduja, Dandelion, Burrata, Green Garlic: This pasta was spicy and the texture was amazing! Definitely a favourite among the group.

• Fioretti alla Carbonara, Guanciale: Tasted great and would’ve been the top appetizer but the Fioretti (“flowering cauliflower”) was a bit mushy/wish it was cooked for less time

• Marinated Olives, Pepperoncini: Warm olives which was delicious!

• 🌟White Chocolate Bavarois, Brandy Cherries, Raspberries, Milk Crumb, Lime: Sweet and sour from the cherries YUM! This was way better than I was expecting. Highly recommend!

Note: 🌟 are my favourite dishes.


Overall Thoughts:

Wynona keeps the excitement alive with a weekly-changing menu. This dynamic approach to dining means there’s always something new and tantalizing to discover on each visit. Whether you’re a regular or a first-timer, you can look forward to a fresh and innovative culinary experience every week. It’s the perfect way to keep your taste buds intrigued and your dining adventures at Wynona forever exciting.

I highly recommend anyone visiting Toronto to explore Wynona. This charming restaurant offers an exceptional dining experience that beautifully captures the essence of the city’s culinary scene. With its inviting ambiance and an eclectic menu that features a fusion of flavors, Wynona showcases the vibrant diversity of Toronto’s food culture. From delectable small plates to inventive cocktails, every aspect of the dining experience is thoughtfully curated. The attentive staff and welcoming atmosphere make it a must-visit for both locals and tourists looking to savor the best of Toronto’s dining landscape. Whether you’re seeking a romantic dinner or a memorable night out with friends, Wynona is the perfect destination to indulge in a delightful culinary journey.

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