My Culinary Journey:
Sharing My Passion for Cooking and Recipes

I’m the face behind Chef Shearso, your go-to culinary enthusiast and just your everyday city girl who’s equally passionate about cooking and savouring delicious meals. By day, I’m immersed in the world of technology, but by night (and weekends), you’ll find me whipping up delectable dishes in my kitchen. When I’m not experimenting with flavours, I’m often indulging in my other loves – my mischievous tuxedo cat (Winston), staying active with Pilates, and exploring the world through my love for travel. So, join me on this flavourful journey through life!

Hey there!
I'm Kristina.

I’m Kristina, 26, and working in the bustling tech industry in Toronto. I’m a self-taught cook, a writer, a fitness-enthusiast, social media marketer, and absolutely love to travel. Chef Shearso is a place for me to share my self-made recipes, food I love, and share my journey on finding the actual best food in Toronto.

Across my journeys, I cultivated an insatiable passion for diverse cuisines. Each destination gifted me a culinary chapter—a taste of culture in every bite. From aromatic spices to vibrant textures, I fell head over heels for multicultural food. I take pleasure in crafting healthier alternatives to my favourite indulgent dishes, elevating their flavours to newfound heights while retaining their delicious essence—sometimes even surpassing the original taste.

The essence of this blog is to extend my culinary creations beyond my kitchen, sharing them with cherished friends, beloved family, and now, with all of you. My sincere wish is that my affection for these dishes resonates, and you find the same joy in savouring them as I do in crafting them.

With that said, my earnest hope is that you find joy in exploring my blog.

My Mission Is To Discover The Best Food In Toronto. I'm On The Hunt For The Ultimate Eats!

Toronto has a plethora of restaurants serving trendy food, but which ones are truly worth visiting? My goal is to visit every restaurant in Toronto and identify the best ones actually worth paying for. Join me on my journey to find the ultimate best food in Toronto!


My love for cooking came from my father, who dedicated two hours each evening to craft meals worthy of a 5-star rating. His passion for cooking instilled in me the belief that preparing food for loved ones is a unique form of expressing affection.

Over the years, I’ve poured my heart and soul into curating an online repository that showcases the recipes I’ve cherished, crafted, and refined. My goal is to enable others to relish the same flavors and experiences that I’ve lovingly shared with those closest to me.

Within this culinary treasure trove, you’ll discover a diverse range of dishes spanning Italian classics, ingenious healthier alternatives to indulgent treats, quick-and-easy dinners that can be whipped up in under 15 minutes, irresistible snacks, delectable desserts, and morning delights that will make your breakfasts truly fantastic. Join me on this flavourful journey, where we’ll explore the wonderful world of food together.

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